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AGE3D UI Editor
Quick Start
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Create a flat button with icon
Create a combobox
Create a buttongroup
Create a menu
Create a treeview











It is possible to add new resources into the project. The resources can be: BMP, JPG, GIF, TGA, TIF, PNG. The maximum dimension of the image depends on the characteristics of the video card. If the video card not support the extension "texture not power of two", uiEditor (via AGE3D Engine), resize and fix automatically the dimensions of the image.

Menu Entry:

  • Resource: It's a combo with all the list of the resources added to the project. Selecting a resource from the list, it is possible: to rename the resource ID, to change the filter, to erase it.
  • Id: It's a name of the resource. This name must be unique, and it is useful to assign a resource to a widget.
  • Filtering : It's a combobox with 3 filter: F_NONE, F_LINEAR, F_TRILINEAR. If your video card supports this texture filter (F_LINEAR or F_TRILINEAR), it improves the visual appearence of the texture resource during stretch..
  • Add Resource : Shows a dialog to add new resources. Multiselection files available. The new resources will automatically have an assigned ID, which could be changed.
  • Delete resource : Delete the selected resource.
  • Save *arc : Shows a dialog to save a resource file (*.arc). ARC file is an XML that describe all resources added to your project. You can open this file (from memory, zip, zip file in memory, resouce) from your application with the simple AGE SDK's api.
  • Open *arc : Show a dialog to open an *arc file.
  • Export *rc : Shows a dialog to save an *rc file. (Visual Studio Resource Script). This file can be added to Visual Studio Project to compile the texture resources into the application. With AGE SDK's api it is easy to load this texture from resource.







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