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Technology Features


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VoyAGEr Editor

VoyAGEr editor is a suite of programs that allows the creation of 3D models in a easy, fast and amusing way.
You can use VoyAGEr to create, detail and animate your 3D models by means of few mouse clicks.

VoyAGEr editor is optimized for the management and the rendering of mesh with several million polygons at realtime rates.

A first working version of VoyAGEr editor is scheduled for the next weeks...

  • Technology Features

    • standard modeling tools
      • extrude region tools
        • extrude the face / faces
        • extrude vertex / vertices
        • the extrude region tool does not duplicate the edges between adiacent selected faces
      • move / scale / rotate
        • modify the shape of selected faces, vertices, edges and objects
      • mirror
        • mirror a mesh with respect to a selected area
      • smooth
        • apply laplacian filter over selected faces
      • smart selection
        • rectangular
        • free hand
        • wings3d style
      • merge
        • merge selected faces / vertex / edges
      • duplicate
        • duplicate the current selected entity
    • texturing tools
      • 3D uv mapping
    • sculpt tool
      • hyerarchical mesh modeling
      • smooth operator
      • masking operator
      • mirror operator
    • it works on n-gon polygonal meshes and subdivision surfaces

works in progress ...







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