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AGE3D Engine SDK

Based on OpenGL/Direct3D. it supports the automatic management of the rendering resources by means of the concept of ResourceManager, Client/Server Resource. In this way the user does not have to add (cache) and remove (discard) the resources from video memory card. the resources that are automatically managed are: Mesh, Texture, Shader and Text Font.

The engine supports the scengraph management. It's an easy way to add many nodes (renderstate, resourceInstance, ..., user's node) to the scengraph. this method is useful in order to construct complex scenes in a simple and fast way.

Another important feature is the ability to share many resources by means of the resource instancing. An instance is a shared resource with a state.

Age supports the terrain management with level of detail (L.O.D.) and geomorphing via GPU, with possibility to query the engine for knowing height, normal, ..., collision with the terrain.

Age3D supports also an easy and fast way for designing and building graphical user interfaces (GUIs) from AGE components. An important feature is the ability to integrate the GUI into your render scene and the render scene into your GUI, (example: graphical windows). The GUI is built with the AGE SDK's api.

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